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ARTIST: To Kill A King;
TRACK:Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix);
PLAYED: 4191 times.

get out! and get gone
this town is only gonna get worse
get out! and get gone
this town is only gonna eat you

ARTIST: Sanders Bohlke;
TRACK:Search and Destroy;
PLAYED: 3911 times.

And I need my soul and the sail needs the wind
Cause I get so lost time and again
And away I looked oh mercy me
Well it just ain’t right you see, oh me

Sanders Bohlke//Search and Destroy

ARTIST: Bruce Peninsula;
ALBUM: A Mountain Is A Mouth;
PLAYED: 231 times.


Bruce Peninsula - Crabapples

ARTIST: King Charles;
ALBUM: LoveBlood;
TRACK:The Brightest Lights;
PLAYED: 873 times.


The Brightest Lights (feat. Mumford & Sons) - King Charles

the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows,
and that’s where I’ll be found,
for what’s hiding by the morning
will be chased by daylight’s hounds.


ARTIST: Hidden Highways;
ALBUM: Old Hearts Reborn;
TRACK:Old Hearts Reborn;
PLAYED: 120 times.



ARTIST: Hunter & The Bear;
ALBUM: Dusty Road;
TRACK:Forest On The Hill;
PLAYED: 173 times.


hunter & the bear - forest on the hill

ARTIST: Mister and Mississippi;
ALBUM: Mister and Mississippi;
TRACK:Follow the Sun;
PLAYED: 229 times.
ARTIST: Radical Face;
ALBUM: Ghost;
TRACK:Welcome Home, Son;
PLAYED: 38107 times.


sheets are swaying from an old clothesline
like a row of captured ghosts, over old dead grass

ARTIST: The Cranberries;
PLAYED: 2637 times.


Zombie » The Cranberries

And the violence caused such silence.
Who are we mistaken?

ARTIST: BornRuffians;
ALBUM: BIRP! April 2014;
TRACK:Oh Cecilia;
PLAYED: 5949 times.


Born Ruffians - Oh Cecilia

ARTIST: Naughty Boy ft Bastille ;
ALBUM: Hotel Cabana;
TRACK:No One's Here To Sleep (Feat. Bastille);
PLAYED: 172754 times.

Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep

ARTIST: Grizfolk;
ALBUM: Indian Summer (Sampler);
TRACK:The Struggle;
PLAYED: 11061 times.


The Struggle • Grizfolk

ARTIST: Junip;
ALBUM: Junip;
TRACK:Line Of Fire;
PLAYED: 4081 times.

Junip - Line of Fire

ARTIST: Bastille;
ALBUM: All This Bad Blood;
PLAYED: 14090 times.


skulls // bastille

i don’t want to rest in peace
i’d rather be the ghost that annoys you
i hope you can make me laugh
six feet down when we’re bored of each other

ARTIST: Bastille;
TRACK:Requiem for Blue Jeans;
PLAYED: 269985 times.


Holy fucking shit.