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ARTIST: The xx;
ALBUM: xx;
PLAYED: 61947 times.


The xx | Intro

ARTIST: Neko Case;
ALBUM: Middle Cyclone;
TRACK:This Tornado Loves You;
PLAYED: 2183 times.


Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You

ARTIST: Bon Iver;
ALBUM: Bon Iver;
TRACK:Minnesota, WI;
PLAYED: 5125 times.


Minnesota, WI- Bon Iver

ALBUM: New Dorp, New York;
TRACK:New Dorp, New York;
PLAYED: 226 times.
ARTIST: Stars;
ALBUM: Set Yourself On Fire;
TRACK:Ageless Beauty;
PLAYED: 1259 times.


Ageless Beauty - Stars

tattered fingers
linger on the warm and foolish
hardened faces
graceless, we’ll lose the battle

ARTIST: Barcelona;
TRACK:Please Don't Go;
PLAYED: 24299 times.

please don’t go, I want you so.

ARTIST: Jake Bugg;
ALBUM: Jake Bugg;
PLAYED: 2553 times.


Jake Bugg - Broken

ARTIST: Alvvays;
TRACK:Archie, Marry Me;
PLAYED: 1829 times.


alvvays // “archie, marry me”

ARTIST: Frightened Rabbit;
ALBUM: Pedestrian Verse;
PLAYED: 1239 times.
I don’t mind being lonely, so leave me alone. You’re acting all holy. Me, I’m just full of holes.
ARTIST: City and Colour;
ALBUM: Little Hell;
TRACK:Little Hell;
PLAYED: 50 times.


Little Hell // City and Colour

ARTIST: The Avett Brothers;
ALBUM: The Gleam II;
TRACK:Murder in the City;
PLAYED: 726 times.

The Avett Brothers | Murder In The City

always remember there was nothing worth sharing
like the love that let us share our name

ARTIST: The National;
ALBUM: High Violet;
TRACK:Terrible Love;
PLAYED: 21453 times.

Terrible Love - The National
It takes an ocean not to break

ARTIST: Death Cab For Cutie;
ALBUM: Transatlanticism;
TRACK:Passenger Seat;
PLAYED: 1914 times.

Death Cab For Cute | Passenger Seat

then looking upwards, i strain my eyes and try
to tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites
from the passenger seat as you are driving me home

ARTIST: Lana Del Rey;
ALBUM: Born To Die;
TRACK:Blue Jeans;
PLAYED: 2427 times.


Blue Jeans  Lana Del Rey