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ARTIST: Hozier;
ALBUM: Take Me to Church EP;
TRACK:Take Me to Church;
PLAYED: 1900 times.

Hozier | Take Me To Church

i’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
i’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
offer me that deathless death
good god, let me give you my life

ARTIST: Timber Timbre;
ALBUM: Medicinals;
TRACK:Patron Saint Hunter;
PLAYED: 665 times.

evil isn’t in, evil isn’t in
evil isn’t in your core.

ARTIST: Bon Iver;
ALBUM: For Emma, Forever Ago;
PLAYED: 320 times.

Bon Iver | Blindsided

i crouch like a crow
contrast in the snow
for the agony I’d rather know

ARTIST: Death from Above 1979;
ALBUM: The Physical World;
TRACK:Trainwreck 1979;
PLAYED: 868 times.


Trainwreck 1979 // Death From Above 1979

ARTIST: Feist;
ALBUM: The Reminder;
TRACK:How My Heart Behaves;
PLAYED: 661 times.


how my heart behaves // feist

the cold heart will burst
if mistrusted first
and the calm heart will break
when given a shake

ARTIST: Daughter;
PLAYED: 155547 times.


I was drunk again, causing accidents. Oh, you’re not a friend, you’re nothing.

ARTIST: The Rural Alberta Advantage;
ALBUM: Departing;
TRACK:Under the Knife;
PLAYED: 212 times.

The Rural Alberta Advantage | Under The Knife

and our love’s grown cold
when i’m holding you close tonight

ARTIST: Vampire Weekend;
ALBUM: Modern Vampires of the City;
TRACK:Hannah Hunt;
PLAYED: 81155 times.

A gardener told me some plants move
But I could not believe it
Till me and Hannah Hunt
Saw crawling vines and weeping willows
As we made our way from Providence to Phoenix

ARTIST: Bastille;
ALBUM: All This Bad Blood;
PLAYED: 68781 times.


Bastille || Skulls FULL

ARTIST: Fleet Foxes;
ALBUM: Sun Giant [EP];
PLAYED: 508 times.

Fleet Foxes | Mykonos

brother, you don’t need to turn me away

ARTIST: Woodkid;
ALBUM: The Golden Age;
TRACK:I Love You;
PLAYED: 478 times.

Woodkid | I Love You

as we were dancing in the blue
i was synchronized with you
but now the sound of love is out of tune

ARTIST: The National;
ALBUM: Trouble Will Find Me;
PLAYED: 1290 times.


humiliation // the national

if i die this instant
taken from a distance
they would probably list it down
among other things ‘round town

ARTIST: Paper Route;
ALBUM: Absence;
TRACK:Dance On Our Graves;
PLAYED: 574 times.

Paper Route | Dance On Our Graves

i need you now
i need you more than ever before

ARTIST: Mother Mother;
ALBUM: Get Out the Way - Single;
TRACK:Get Out the Way;
PLAYED: 2684 times.


Mother Mother - Get Out the Way

ARTIST: Phosphorescent;
ALBUM: Pride;
PLAYED: 608 times.

Phosphorescent | Wolves

they tumble and fight
and they’re beautiful
on the hilltops at night
they are beautiful