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ARTIST: The Tallest Man On Earth;
ALBUM: Shallow Graves;
TRACK:This Wind;
PLAYED: 264 times.

The Tallest Man On Earth | This Wind

you said, “damn be this wind
it’s still movin’ on in
to the bones and the bed of my soul”

ARTIST: The National;
ALBUM: High Violet (Expanded Version);
TRACK:Wake Up Your Saints;
PLAYED: 304 times.

The National | Wake Up Your Saints

wake up your saints, jenny, i need them

ARTIST: The Mountain Goats;
ALBUM: Transcendental Youth;
TRACK:In Memory of Satan;
PLAYED: 1719 times.

there’ll be times in your life where at first you think ‘well, this is going to last forever and i’ll be miserable for the next sixty years and then i’ll die.’ and then it becomes clear to you that it’s a little worse than that - that it’s gonna last about a year and two months. so you have an idea of the slog you have to make, it’s not like - if you say ‘this is going to happen for the rest of my life’  then it’s very melodramatic, and who even knows what that feels like, so it’s really not real. but a year and two months is a real span of time that you can reckon, right, and if you have to endure for a year and two months, that’s a pretty hard thing to face. and you come to confront demons and you say to the demons, ‘could we come to some sort of agreement where you will take care of me and i will worship you and at the end of this period we will shake hands like gentlemen and part ways?’ other people will advise you not to say this to your demons. i cannot stand with these people. sometimes you must deal with demons. this is called ‘in memory of satan’.

— john darnielle, london, october 2013
ARTIST: Band of Horses;
ALBUM: Everything All The Time;
TRACK:The Great Salt Lake;
PLAYED: 126 times.

Band of Horses | The Great Salt Lake

follow me home

ARTIST: The National;
ALBUM: Trouble Will Find Me;
PLAYED: 9519 times.

Fireproof - The National
You are not the only one
To sit awake until
The wild feelings leave you

ARTIST: Florence + The Machine;
ALBUM: A Lot Of Love, A Lot Of Blood;
TRACK:Hospital Beds;
PLAYED: 3817 times.


Hospital Beds - Florence + The Machine

ARTIST: Frightened Rabbit;
ALBUM: Pedestrian Verse (Deluxe Edition);
TRACK:Nitrous Gas;
PLAYED: 1257 times.


Frightened Rabbit // Nitrous Gas 

ARTIST: Foals;
ALBUM: Total Life Forever;
TRACK:What Remains;
PLAYED: 1069 times.


Foals -  What Remains 

From the album Total Life Forever

Gorgeous and powerful song

ARTIST: Beirut;
ALBUM: The Rip Tide;
TRACK:A Candle's Fire;
PLAYED: 2097 times.


A Candle’s Fire - Beirut

ARTIST: Frightened Rabbit;
ALBUM: The Midnight Organ Fight;
TRACK:Floating In The Forth;
PLAYED: 1969 times.


Floating in the Forth | Frightened Rabbit

I think I’ll save suicide for another year

ARTIST: TV On The Radio;
ALBUM: Dear Science;
TRACK:Family Tree;
PLAYED: 1325 times.


TV On The Radio - Family Tree

ARTIST: Iron & Wine;
ALBUM: Kiss Each Other Clean;
TRACK:Monkeys Uptown;
PLAYED: 475 times.


Monkeys Uptown - Iron & Wine

And it’s looking like you better do what they say
Those monkeys uptown, they told you not to fuck around
Heaven’s the name and the river is brown
With all the mud and the rain, it never settles down
It never settles down

ARTIST: Fleet Foxes;
ALBUM: Helplessness Blues;
TRACK:The Shrine / An Argument;
PLAYED: 1903 times.


The Shrine / An Argument | Fleet Foxes

ARTIST: Frightened Rabbit;
ALBUM: The Winter Of Mixed Drinks;
TRACK:Nothing Like You;
PLAYED: 633 times.


Frightened Rabbit, Nothing Like You

ARTIST: Band Of Horses;
ALBUM: Infinite Arms;
PLAYED: 165 times.


Neighbor - Band of Horses