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ARTIST: Timber Timbre;
ALBUM: Medicinals;
TRACK:Patron Saint Hunter;
PLAYED: 645 times.

evil isn’t in, evil isn’t in
evil isn’t in your core.

ARTIST: Bon Iver;
ALBUM: For Emma, Forever Ago;
PLAYED: 254 times.

Bon Iver | Blindsided

i crouch like a crow
contrast in the snow
for the agony I’d rather know

ARTIST: Death from Above 1979;
ALBUM: The Physical World;
TRACK:Trainwreck 1979;
PLAYED: 850 times.


Trainwreck 1979 // Death From Above 1979

ARTIST: Feist;
ALBUM: The Reminder;
TRACK:How My Heart Behaves;
PLAYED: 649 times.


how my heart behaves // feist

the cold heart will burst
if mistrusted first
and the calm heart will break
when given a shake

ARTIST: Daughter;
PLAYED: 154761 times.


I was drunk again, causing accidents. Oh, you’re not a friend, you’re nothing.

ARTIST: The Rural Alberta Advantage;
ALBUM: Departing;
TRACK:Under the Knife;
PLAYED: 196 times.

The Rural Alberta Advantage | Under The Knife

and our love’s grown cold
when i’m holding you close tonight

ARTIST: Vampire Weekend;
ALBUM: Modern Vampires of the City;
TRACK:Hannah Hunt;
PLAYED: 80893 times.

A gardener told me some plants move
But I could not believe it
Till me and Hannah Hunt
Saw crawling vines and weeping willows
As we made our way from Providence to Phoenix

ARTIST: Bastille;
ALBUM: All This Bad Blood;
PLAYED: 68669 times.


Bastille || Skulls FULL

ARTIST: Fleet Foxes;
ALBUM: Sun Giant [EP];
PLAYED: 460 times.

Fleet Foxes | Mykonos

brother, you don’t need to turn me away

ARTIST: Woodkid;
ALBUM: The Golden Age;
TRACK:I Love You;
PLAYED: 450 times.

Woodkid | I Love You

as we were dancing in the blue
i was synchronized with you
but now the sound of love is out of tune

ARTIST: The National;
ALBUM: Trouble Will Find Me;
PLAYED: 1248 times.


humiliation // the national

if i die this instant
taken from a distance
they would probably list it down
among other things ‘round town

ARTIST: Paper Route;
ALBUM: Absence;
TRACK:Dance On Our Graves;
PLAYED: 538 times.

Paper Route | Dance On Our Graves

i need you now
i need you more than ever before

ARTIST: Mother Mother;
ALBUM: Get Out the Way - Single;
TRACK:Get Out the Way;
PLAYED: 2602 times.


Mother Mother - Get Out the Way

ARTIST: Phosphorescent;
ALBUM: Pride;
PLAYED: 564 times.

Phosphorescent | Wolves

they tumble and fight
and they’re beautiful
on the hilltops at night
they are beautiful

ARTIST: St. Vincent;
ALBUM: St. Vincent;
TRACK:I Prefer Your Love;
PLAYED: 12763 times.


St. Vincent | I Prefer Your Love