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ARTIST: Sufjan Stevens;
ALBUM: The Age of Adz;
TRACK:I Walked;
PLAYED: 4765 times.

I Walked — Sufjan Stevens

Lover, will you look at me now? I’m already dead to you…

ARTIST: alt-J;
ALBUM: This Is All Yours;
TRACK:Warm Foothills;
PLAYED: 868 times.


The studio version of this song is sung by Joe Newman (alt-J) spliced with words sung by Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Lianne La HavasSivu, and Marika Hackman.

Blue dragonflies dart to and fro
I tie my life to your balloon and let it go

ALBUM: This Is All Yours;
TRACK:Arrival In Nara;
PLAYED: 2470 times.


Alt-J // Arrival In Nara 

Though I cannot see,
I can hear her smile as she sings.

ARTIST: Feist;
ALBUM: Let It Die;
TRACK:Leisure Suite;
PLAYED: 1322 times.


leisure suite // feist

build fires to stoke them
let’s fix what’s been broken
words have been stolen
but silence is golden

ARTIST: Wintersleep;
ALBUM: Welcome To The Night Sky;
PLAYED: 511 times.


oblivion by wintersleep [lyrics]

light rain and meteors, holes in the universe, crayons and scribblers, infinite bellies burst. cracks in the ocean crust. choke on the cosmic dust. what will become of us? what will become of us?

ARTIST: Dry The River;
TRACK:Night Owls;
PLAYED: 277 times.


Night Owls - Dry The River

Some need, like the trunk of a tree, to accumulate alone,
and in time grow ripe on the vine
and I think we might be those.

ARTIST: Phildel;
ALBUM: The Disappearance of the Girl;
TRACK:The Wolf;
PLAYED: 34201 times.

and you once said i wish you dead you sinner,
i’ll never be more than a wolf at your door for dinner,
and if i see you ‘round like a ghost in my town, you liar,
i’ll leave with your head oh i’ll leave you for dead, sire.

ARTIST: Sigur Rós;
ALBUM: Hvarf/Heim;
PLAYED: 1812 times.
ARTIST: The Decemberists;
ALBUM: Hazards of Love;
TRACK:The Queen's Rebuke / The Crossing;
PLAYED: 1162 times.


the queen’s rebuke / the crossing // the decemberists

i’m made of bones, of the branches, the boughs and the bough beating light
well my feet are the trucks and my head is the canopy
and my fingers extend to the leaves in the eves

ARTIST: alt-J;
ALBUM: This Is All Yours;
PLAYED: 614 times.


— “Nara”

light the fuse—
hallelujah! hallelujah!

ALBUM: This Is All Yours;
TRACK:Bloodflood pt.II;
PLAYED: 13370 times.


Alt-J - Bloodflood Pt.II

I thought it was impossible to top Bloodflood, but this part II is as good as the first part.

ARTIST: alt-J;
ALBUM: This Is All Yours;
TRACK:The Gospel of John Hurt;
PLAYED: 516 times.


— “The Gospel of John Hurt”

oh, coming out of the woodwork!
chest bursts like John Hurt

coming out of the woods

ARTIST: Bon Iver & St. Vincent;
ALBUM: The Twilight Saga: New Moon;
PLAYED: 963 times.


roslyn || bon iver & st. vincent

sea and the rock below
cocked to the undertow
bones blood and teeth erode
they will be crashing low
ARTIST: of Montreal;
ALBUM: Jigsaw Puzzle;
TRACK:Jigsaw Puzzle;
PLAYED: 189 times.


Jigsaw Puzzle - of Montreal

ARTIST: Dan Mangan;
ALBUM: Oh Fortune;
TRACK:Leaves, Trees, Forest;
PLAYED: 221 times.


Leaves, Trees, Forest | Dan Mangan