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ARTIST: Andrew Bird;
ALBUM: Break It Yourself;
PLAYED: 1139 times.


Lusitania - Andrew Bird feat. Annie Clark

"Go ahead, say something dumb boy, there’s no shame."

ARTIST: Soap&Skin;
ALBUM: Sugarbread;
TRACK:Me and the Devil;
PLAYED: 5255 times.


Early this morning
When you knocked on my door
And I said hello Satan
I believe it’s time to go

ARTIST: The Killers;
ALBUM: Hot Fuss;
TRACK:Andy, You're A Star;
PLAYED: 250 times.

The Killers | Andy, You’re A Star

promise me she’s not your world

ALBUM: Days Are Gone;
TRACK:My Song 5;
PLAYED: 716 times.

Haim | My Song 5

honey, i’m not your honey pie

ARTIST: Eddie Vedder;
ALBUM: I Am Sam;
TRACK:You've Got To Hide Your Love Away;
PLAYED: 498 times.

Eddie Vedder | You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (cover)

here i stand, head in hand
turn my face to the wall

ARTIST: Laura Marling;
ALBUM: Live From York Minster;
TRACK:Don't Ask Me Why;
PLAYED: 708 times.
I took the wind from the sea
I took the blood from an arrow
I took the wisdom of spring
I was thrown and blown and tossed and turned

Until time found its hand and called it an end
Me and time we go way back when
I was a child, and I always knew why

I knew my name, oh I knew my road
And I stayed away from heavy loads
And still I’m low,
Oh Lord, am I low.
ARTIST: St. Vincent;
ALBUM: St. Vincent;
TRACK:Digital Witness;
PLAYED: 316 times.

St Vincent | Digital Witness

what’s the point of even sleeping?

ARTIST: Vance Joy;
ALBUM: Dream Your Life Away;
TRACK:Mess is Mine;
PLAYED: 1922 times.


Mess is Mine - Dream Your Life Away (Coming September)

TRACK:Dancing in the Moonlight;
PLAYED: 70327 times.
ARTIST: The Beach Boys;
ALBUM: The Beach Boys Today!;
TRACK:Help Me, Rhonda;
PLAYED: 110 times.

The Beach Boys | Help Me, Rhonda

and I know it wouldn’t take much time
for you to help me, rhonda
help me get her out of my heart

ARTIST: Tokyo Police Club;
ALBUM: BIRP! March 2014;
TRACK:Tunnel Vision;
PLAYED: 315 times.


Tokyo Police Club - Tunnel Vision

ARTIST: The Beach Boys;
ALBUM: Pet Sounds;
TRACK:Wouldn't It Be Nice;
PLAYED: 1538 times.

The Beach Boys | Wouldn’t It Be Nice

you know its gonna make it that much better
when we can say goodnight and stay together

ARTIST: Said the Whale;
ALBUM: Little Mountain;
PLAYED: 960 times.

Said The Whale | Loveless

how could i love you less
now that i know you more?

ARTIST: Alt-j (∆);
ALBUM: This Is All Yours;
TRACK:Every Other Freckle;
PLAYED: 20502 times.


Alt-j (∆) Every Other Freckle

Official Audio

ARTIST: Stars;
ALBUM: The Five Ghosts;
PLAYED: 252 times.

Stars | Fixed

after i am caught
touch turns into fisticuffs