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ARTIST: Florence + The Machine;
ALBUM: A Lot Of Love, A Lot Of Blood;
TRACK:Hospital Beds;
PLAYED: 3749 times.


Hospital Beds - Florence + The Machine

ARTIST: Frightened Rabbit;
ALBUM: Pedestrian Verse (Deluxe Edition);
TRACK:Nitrous Gas;
PLAYED: 1237 times.


Frightened Rabbit // Nitrous Gas 

ARTIST: Foals;
ALBUM: Total Life Forever;
TRACK:What Remains;
PLAYED: 1051 times.


Foals -  What Remains 

From the album Total Life Forever

Gorgeous and powerful song

ARTIST: Beirut;
ALBUM: The Rip Tide;
TRACK:A Candle's Fire;
PLAYED: 2087 times.


A Candle’s Fire - Beirut

ARTIST: Frightened Rabbit;
ALBUM: The Midnight Organ Fight;
TRACK:Floating In The Forth;
PLAYED: 1933 times.


Floating in the Forth | Frightened Rabbit

I think I’ll save suicide for another year

ARTIST: TV On The Radio;
ALBUM: Dear Science;
TRACK:Family Tree;
PLAYED: 1313 times.


TV On The Radio - Family Tree

ARTIST: Iron & Wine;
ALBUM: Kiss Each Other Clean;
TRACK:Monkeys Uptown;
PLAYED: 459 times.


Monkeys Uptown - Iron & Wine

And it’s looking like you better do what they say
Those monkeys uptown, they told you not to fuck around
Heaven’s the name and the river is brown
With all the mud and the rain, it never settles down
It never settles down

ARTIST: Fleet Foxes;
ALBUM: Helplessness Blues;
TRACK:The Shrine / An Argument;
PLAYED: 1783 times.


The Shrine / An Argument | Fleet Foxes

ARTIST: Frightened Rabbit;
ALBUM: The Winter Of Mixed Drinks;
TRACK:Nothing Like You;
PLAYED: 629 times.


Frightened Rabbit, Nothing Like You

ARTIST: Band Of Horses;
ALBUM: Infinite Arms;
PLAYED: 159 times.


Neighbor - Band of Horses

ARTIST: Bob Dylan;
ALBUM: Greatest Hits;
TRACK:It Ain't Me Babe;
PLAYED: 2197 times.


Bob Dylan | It Ain’t Me Babe

i’m not the one you want, babe
i’ll only let you down

ARTIST: Woodkid;
ALBUM: The Golden Age;
TRACK:Conquest of Spaces;
PLAYED: 2282 times.


conquest of spaces // woodkid

beyond the laws of density
towers of glass and steel
temples and fragments of memories
drifting away from me

ARTIST: Hozier;
ALBUM: From Eden EP;
TRACK:Arsonist's Lullabye;
PLAYED: 1070 times.

Hozier | Arsonist’s Lullabye

don’t you ever tame your demons
but always keep them on a leash

ARTIST: Tom Odell;
ALBUM: Another Love;
TRACK:Can't Pretend;
PLAYED: 5717 times.


Oh feel our bodies grow,

And our souls they blend.


ALBUM: Oracular Spectacular;
PLAYED: 8785 times.


Kids // MGMT

"Control yourself,

Take only what you need from it.”