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eveningowl submitted:

so your main love interest on the show is played by Eion. You guys dance around each other for a couple seasons (with you having a few short lived romances in between. played by adam scott and zoe saldana). finally around season three or so after his small bookshop is just barely saved from foreclosure and you have a brief struggle with your restaurant business, you two have a long heart to heart late at night over coffee and just before you leave his shop he leans over and kisses you and it’s gr8 and the national plays over the entire scene

You’re the brilliant, kind-hearted-yet-sarcastic nurse at the local hospital. After losing a patient recently, you’d sworn off of growing attached to the people going in and out of the recovery rooms. And yet when the man with the weak heart (played by Michael Cudlitz) arrives one night after a car accident, you find yourself wanting to find a connection on a more personal level (as well as one with his son Sean Hudock amirite). Your late-night shifts have got you stopping by the coffeeshop, where the sassy barista (Jane Levy) always has a quip, accompanied by her coworker (Dylan ohhhhyeah). Travis is the young veterinarian (HAH ANIMALS) who takes us out to the bar and makes loud, unapologetic comments on everyone else but us because we are the Three Musketeers. You and I spend many a night out on the safety-hazard fire escape of our loft apartment, drinking whiskey and complaining about humanity. Then we blow up condoms like balloons and lob them one floor down onto Alexa’s balcony because we’re a couple of little shits.